Our facilities
Laboratory facilities include Bit Error Rate testing up to 13Gbps and characterization of optoelectronic devices up to 20GHz and electronic devices up to 50 GHz as well as an anechoic chamber for antenna characterization.

Optical communications laboratory

Notable equipment:

- Pattern Generator and Error Detector, Agilent N4901B-100, 13Gbps
- Signal Generator, Agilent E8257D, 40GHz
- Vector Signal Generator, Rohde and Schwarz SMJ100A, 6GHz, 100MHz bandwidth
- Electrical Spectrum Analyzer, Agilent E4448A, 50GHz, Options: Ext. Mixer, Digital Demod., Noise Figure, Phase Noise
- Lightwave Component Analyzer, Agilent E8703B, 20GHz, 1550nm optical modulator/photodetector
- Optical Spectrum Analyzer, ANDO AQ6317B, 0.1nm resolution
- Oscilloscope Mainframe, Agilent 86100C, with 40GHz Optical / 50GHz electrical module
- Vector Network Analyzer, Agilent E8363B, 40GHz
- Digital Sampling Oscilloscope, Agilent 90000, 20GSamples/s
- Optical Receiver, Agilent, 10GHz
- Others: Laser diode controller, Mach-Zehnder Modulator 12GHz with driver, Electro-Absorption Modulators 40GHz/60GHz with driver, Direct Modulation Laser 12GHz with TEC controller, Bench-top EDFA, Optical Attenuator MM/SM, Tunable Laser 1510nm-1590nm, Optical Polarization Controllers, Time Interval Analyzer/Counter with 8ps resolution, Optical/RF Splitters and circulators.

In 2006 the expansion of the laboratory was funded by the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) under the National Programme for Scientific Hardware Renewal (PNRC) with the aim of renewing the national scientific infrastructure, by financing the acquisition, updating and expansion of scientific equipment. The project called Fibre Optic Supported Broadband Communication Networks was funded with 400.000€. More information on the hardware renewal project is available here.

Microscope with digital image capturing

Example of image captured with microscope (during the fiber alignment for the optical injection of a resonant tunneling diode)

Anechoic Chamber

The chamber is used for the characterization of RF devices, such as antennas, feed-horns and antenna arrays. The facilities include a 40GHz vectorial network analyzer, and antenna positioner, suitable for automatic measurements routines. Antenna radiation patterns can be determined automatically, in both azimuth and elevation (for both E and H planes).

Laboratories for radio experiments

3 metres parabolic dish for satellite tracking and communication