Microwave devices and antennas
The microwave area addresses research topics including the simulation, design, implementation and experimental characterization of microwave and radio frequency systems, namely filters, amplifiers and specifically the design of multi band compact antennas.

Waveguide devices for satellite applications

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Reconfigurable antennas

Investigation of the human head interference on the antenna radiation characteristics

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Electrically small / Antenna array

Reconfigurable compact printed monopole antenna array for dual band WLAN (2.4/5.2 GHz) MIMO application

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Compact Inverted-L antenna (ILA) for WLAN 5.8 GHz MIMO application

An electrically small antenna (ESA) for dual band WLAN (2.4/5.2 GHz). The size reduction is achieved by embedded one chip inductor on a two-armed printed monopole antenna

Multiband Inverted-L antenna (ILA) inspired by fractal geometry for dual band WLAN application

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Low profile multiband WLAN PIFA on a high impedance surface (HIS)

Multiband compact printed monopole antenna designed by using the 2nd order of minkowski (fractal) geometry

Waveguide devices

5 GHz dual polarization coaxial to waveguide converter (MIMO) and feed for application on offset dish

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Detail of 5 GHz dual polarization coaxial to waveguide converter (MIMO)

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Antennas for satellite applications

Planar equiangular spiral antenna (PESA) - Broadband feed for a ground-station parabolic antenna, suitable for operating with satellite signals from 800MHz to 3GHz.

VSAT microwave configuration for Ku band, constituted by a feed, an orthomode transducer (OMT) and a Transmit/Receive (TR) filter


Antennas for underwater applications



Low noise amplifier, 2.18-2.31GHz, for satellite ground station


Band pass filter, 2.18-2.31GHz, for satellite ground station


Electromagnetic Bandgap

Nonuniform transmission lines

Several Prototypes

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